A revolution in Golfing Storage...

Who are we?

Playing the game of golf has not changed very much over the years, but the equipment used has, with the rapid increase in the use of bigger bags, electric trolleys, battery charging racks, golf carts and the associated services, heavy demands have been placed on clubs to provide storage for the members and visitors equipment.
With a background in golf course management and professional golf, Carousel Golfing was well placed to introduce a completely new; more space efficient alternative to the standard locker boxes and racking, the old traditional option could no longer meet the demands. As a result many clubs experienced fewer of their members renting lockers. 

The Carousel system, with the two tier units uses the maximum room volume to deliver 100% capacity options, with over 20 years’ experience delivering golf bag storage and handling solutions Carousel Golfing has established itself as the No.1 provider throughout the golfing industry. 

Problems with your bag store — why not give us a call. 

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