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Armadillo 6

Following on from the success of our Carousel unit, we were immediately being asked for a secure unit to cater for the needs of individual players handling their own golf bags. 
The Armadillo model was produced, with a high level of security being designed into the very durable unit. 

Capacity: 12 x large bags / 1m x lm floor area / two tier.

Armadillo 4

 The "Armadillo 4" has the same external dimensions as Armadillo 6, but provides extra-large lockers to cater for extra-large bags. 

Capacity: 8 x extra-large bags / lm x lm floor area / two tier 

If ceiling height is restricted, Armadillos can be installed as a single tier unit with the option to place a storage shelf above for other equipment / trolleys or battery charging facilities etc. 

Both Armadillo models are delivered in component form which allows for a simple nuts & bolts assembly.

The Carousel

When Carousel Golfing was established 20 years ago, the original Carousel model went into production, this open racking unit was designed to accommodate 12 extra-large bags on two tiers.

Very durable construction, easy to assemble and a quick installation time made this model an instant success with sales throughout the UK, Europe, Canada and the USA. Our customer list continues to grow around the World. 

High capacity storage - 3m x 3m floor area delivers: 84 x large bag spaces 
(with easy access open walkway / rapid bag deposit & retrieval)
This model is installed into secure areas and works perfectly in parallel with buggy fleets when rapid bag transfer is required; a No.1 choice for Caddiemasters, especially during "rush hours". 

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